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 Camera: 35mm
 Camera: Digital Still
 Camera: Digital Video/Camcorder
 CD Player (not in computer)
 CD Recorder/Burner (not in computer)
 Smartphone (iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, etc)
 Cellular or Mobile Phone
 Computer: Laptop
 Computer: Desktop
 Computer: SmartPhone Only
 Computer: Mac
 Computer: PC
 Computer Printer - Inkjet
 Computer Printer - Laser
 Computer Scanner
 Computer: CD Recorder/CD-RW (installed in PC)
 Computer: CD ROM
 Computer: DVD Player (installed in PC)
 Dedicated Game Console (PS3, Wii, XBox, etc.)
 Handheld Gaming device (PSP, Nintendo DS, etc.)
 Dolby Digtal/DTS Receiver
 DVD Player (not in computer)
 DVD Recorder
 Entertainment: Attend classical music or opera at least 2x/yr
 Entertainment: Attend live plays at least 2x/yr
 Entertainment: Attend concert at least 2x/yr
 Entertainment: Read around 1 book/month
 Fax Line
 Internet Activity: Auctions
 Internet Activity: Download Music
 Internet Activity: Financial transactions
 Internet Activity: Gaming
 Internet Activity: Internet Radio
 Internet Activity: Personal Web Site
 Internet Activity: Shopping
 Internet Activity: Stocks, Investment Info
 Internet Activity: Travel, Airline, Hotel, Car Rental
 Internet Connection: DSL, Cable, Modem
 Internet Connection: DSL/Cable Wireless Router
 MP3 Software/Recording System
 Music: Surround-sound Receiver
 PDA (Personal Digital Assistant - Palm Pilot, etc.)
 Personal Portable Stereo (i.e., CD/MP3, Walkman, Discman)
 Pets: Cat
 Pets: Dog
 Pets: Other
 Radio: Satellite, XFM
 Sports: Boat, ATV, RV, Snowmobile, Jetski
 Sports: Fishing
 Sports: Golf
 Sports: Hunting
 Sports: Play Sports, Exercise Regularly
 Sports: Skiing, Snowboarding
 Tivo PVR (Replay/other digital personal video recorder)
 TV : On PC
 TV: Cable
 TV: Flat Panel Screen (Plasma, LCD, LED)
 TV: 3D Television
 TV: HDTV (High Definition)
 TV: Home Entertainment Ctr with large screen TV
 TV: Satellite
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